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  • Reducing expenditure is in your hands !

    4th May 2012 in finance, Max Montague

        “Can’t eat or drink a lot  tonight ‘cos I work out at the gym, have a personal trainer, do yoga and pilates to keep supple and chant mantras to maintain equilibrium!” What about the amount spent by wives or girlfriends’ on make up, haircuts … let alone the clothes  which are supposed  to […]

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  • What’s in your books???

    30th April 2012 in finance, Max Montague

     How important is keeping your business records accurate? Most of you will, probably, reply “very!”   Your financial record keeping is the basis for producing any of the following:   Aged debtors report in support of  collection of debts Aged creditors reports in support of payments to suppliers Management accounts for shareholders or your bank if you’ve […]

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  • Could your website cost you a £1000 fine or worse?

    24th January 2012 in finance, legal

    Imagine you are with your web designer discussing the final layout and content of your new website and you are just about to go live. The last thought in your mind would be to involve your lawyer in that process!

    Over 65% of websites are in breach of regulations which provide for a penalty of up to £1000.

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  • Five ways to ensure your business not only survives but flourishes in a recession

    24th January 2012 in finance

    In the worst recessions in living memory, SMEs have probably been hit harder than most.
    Here’s how with five simple steps and changes in attitude you could help turn some of the negatives into positives.

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